About Us

In commercial real estate, knowledge and experience really are the keys to success. Our team has been plugged into Calgary’s commercial property market for over 20 years, which empowers our clients to take advantage of the great deals we can help to facilitate.

This is what has placed our commercial real estate group in the “Top 20” RE/MAX Commercial teams in Canada, and “Top 50” in our global corporate network. In a fast-moving and ever-changing economic hub like Calgary, that puts us at the top of the list for your commercial real estate needs.

Whether you are a landlord, a tenant, a seller, or a purchaser, our dynamic team of hard-working professionals has the specialized, in-depth market knowledge to guide your choices, negotiate your terms, and deliver what you need, when you need it.

One property or many, no matter what your requirements, we have the resources, knowledge, creativity and experience you deserve to have at your disposal. Choose power. Choose RE/MAX Commercial.


Commercial Tenant Services

The world of commercial real estate is complex and ever-changing. It can be very difficult to spot a great deal, or to know when to walk away.

Our team of experts know the market, and we work with companies to preview opportunities, ask the right questions, and negotiate the best possible lease agreement.

We will help you to ensure that your commercial property is zoned correctly and licensed for use, so you can focus on the most important thing: building a successful business.

Commercial Landlord Services

In a competitive commercial market like Calgary, commercial landlords need help more than ever.

Our team of commercial real estate specialists will help you to market and promote your properties, match you with qualified tenants that align with your vision for your investments, and then manage your portfolio to maximize returns.

Whether you own one commercial property or many, we will help you to negotiate the right lease agreements, retain solid and dependable long-term tenants, and minimize empty units. We are your full-service commercial landlord-partners, from soup to nuts.

Property Brokerage

When the market gets tough, the tough get creative.

Our team of commercial property experts employs an extensive and innovative suite of traditional and non-traditional marketing methods to position your properties as the most desirable on the market.

With unmatched market insights, solid historical sales data, and industry leading analytics, we are uniquely able to give you the best possible advice to market and sell your property as quickly as possible, and for top dollar.

Buyers also trust our team to find properties that check all the boxes, and to leverage our unmatched industry expertise to negotiate the best possible deals.

Whether you are buying or selling commercial property in Calgary, do it with our team in your corner.

Renewal Negotiation

If you are not negotiating the terms of your lease renewal, you are probably leaving money on the table.

In a competitive and fast-moving commercial leasing market like Calgary, conditions can change overnight, and what seemed like a great deal last year might not be when the time comes to sign a lease renewal. Our team has their fingers on the pulse of Calgary’s commercial real estate all the time, so when you need to renew, we are ready to get you the absolute best terms.

Your business changes. Your operational requirements change, and your industry evolves. We will help to ensure that your lease renewal reflects your needs and best interests today and in the future.

Sublease Management

As your business changes, so do your commercial real estate needs. If you find that shifting market conditions mean you have excess space, we can help you to find and secure a sublease tenant.

Our team is highly skilled in complex three-way negotiations between tenants, landlords and prospective subleasing tenants, and we work hard to craft a deal where everyone wins. After all, empty spaces are not great for anyone’s bottom line.

Whether your space is large or small, and whether you are looking to sublease due to restructuring, downsizing, relocation or something else, let us help you to find a comprehensive and creative solution that works for everyone involved.